better for environment

Panda Eco Products are packaged in cardboard boxes. No plastic is involved in the making or packaging, which makes it a 100% plastic-free production.

Both our product and our packaging are biodegradable, giving back to earth what we took from it.

  • Panda Eco Paper is made from 100% bamboo, which is sourced from ethical farms. Using bamboo as a material helps save the trees. This not only helps nature, but your health and air.


    Commercial toilet paper makes up almost 10% of deforestation worldwide.

  • When there is no deforestation taking place, animals do not lose their homes or food source.


    Additionally, the bamboo used in our products doesn't take away food from pandas, as it is a different type.

  • Commercial toilet papers not only put toxins into your body, but also back into the air and waterways.


    Because Panda Eco Paper contains no chemicals or added materials, it is 100% septic safe, user safe, and earth safe.

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