better for body

Panda Eco Paper is very gentle on your skin.

Our toilet paper is 3-ply, with a textured pattern (little pandas and flowers!) for durability and softness, and our paper towel is textured for absorbance and strength.

Rough tissue can aggravate hemorrhoids, anal fissures, irritation, bleeding, and burning.

  • Bleach-Free

    When using a toilet paper that contains bleach, toxins can easily enter through your skin and blood stream, directly affecting you.

    Bleach that involves chlorine often develops into dioxins, which affect your reproductive system and immune system.

    And not only that, but Bleach can also be a carcinogen (cancer-causer!) as well.

  • State of Mind

    When purchasing Panda Eco Paper, you can feel a sense of security knowing that there is no negative ecological footprint left behind.

    Our product is chemical-free, and contains no plastic packaging (Even if your current product does not contain chemicals, the plastic packaging does!)

    Making a conscious decision to use a product good for this world, feels good too.

  • No Hidden Chemicals

    ∙ Paraffin-Free ∙ Wax-free

    ∙ Formaldehyde-free ∙ Dioxane-free 

    ∙ PEGs-free ∙ PFAS-free

    ∙ Perfume-free ∙ Fragrance-free

    ∙ Chlorine-free ∙ Bleach-free

    ∙ Heavy metal-free ∙ PCP-free 

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